Some, because of the length of time they are together forget that romance should continue between relationships. They think that providing what their family needs is enough for their partner to be happy. Actually, it is not the case, as there are some who still look for romance in their relationship. Romance keeps relationships exciting and fun. Love may be there all the time but sometimes, it is becoming a norm hence you cannot feel it a lot anymore. You are there when she needs money, you are there to pick her up from the grocery, but other than that, she has other needs that you need to give, and that is romance.

How To Make The Fire Of Romance Continue
There are ways to keep the fire of romance burning and to give you ideas, read below:
• Bring her out on dates
Sure, she cooks really well, but bringing her out to an elegant restaurant or a movie date must happen regularly. Do not stop doing things you were doing before you got married as if you do, romance will be gone and you or she may start to get bored with your relationship. Not all the time it must be fancy, as you can also consider a walk at the park, date in a cheap restaurant and so forth.
• Send her flowers
Do you remember when was the last time you sent her flowers? Sending flowers is never out dated. This is still one of the most romantic and sweetest things you can do for your love. Once in a while, it is nice that she receives flowers from you.
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