In less than 30 minima, the Change Now cryptocurrency exchange system will safely allow you to enjoy your exchange or purchase of digital currency.

The processing of the transactions carried out in Change Now is of few minutes. Still, all the clients must bear in mind that the currencies and the cost that they have must be verified by the system, be it of great or small quantity, the crypto exchange will always be processed with security means ahead.

Between the stimulated transaction times, the amount of digital currency to sell is taken into account, for example, if the client wants to buy 1 BTC only, when the entire process has already been fully verified and fulfilled, he will have the cryptocurrency in only 20 to 30 minutes.
Whose time is stipulated for the crypto exchange to be carried out safely and without any problem, since in the same period the wallet to the destination is systematically verified, the payment is consolidated. The currency is deposited directly into the client.
The processing speed in the crypto exchange system managed by Change Now will always vary, and all this depends on the currency used, the amount of it, or if the client wants to buy in considerable quantities.
But something that customers must understand is that this time is used to execute security measures, because everything is verified, corroborated, and processed in a systematic and very meticulous way so that in the end, the result is as expected.
In Change Now, the seriousness of the transactions and the amount of money to handle are always taken a lot, taking somewhat personalized measures to avoid misunderstandings and inconveniences, being the same client who is the baton in the transactions.
Having a cryptocurrency exchange system so advanced and well developed by programmers, it is very difficult for serious problems to arise when buying or exchanging digital currencies, since each process must pass through filters that certify or reject the integrity of the information.
And to continue improving every day, at Change Now, we will continue to apply truthfulness and corroboration of information, so that customer confidence remains at the top and with it the quality of the website.